Define your own Infrastructure

Deployment within 1-5 days

Plenty of options

Enjoy maximum flexibility with no restrictions.
Decide your pricing and your performance at all times.

<strong>Plenty of</strong> options

Customizable CPUs

Support for Intel XEON processors in 1, 2 and 4 socket configurations.

Great Dashboard and install wizards

Setup, installations and management are fast and easy using the Dashboard features. Just one interface for using all options. Install wizards for most applications are available.

Great <strong>Dashboard</strong> and <strong>install wizards</strong>

Pick your favourite Operating System

  • 1-click automated installations of Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, OpenSuSE, Fedora and many more are available.
  • Want Windows? No problem! Install it manually via your built-in KVM over IP.
  • Do you prefer VMware? Just let our VMware ESXi install wizard do the job.

QCT High-quality server hardware

<strong>QCT</strong> <strong>High-quality</strong> server hardware

Raw performance for processor, memory and I/O intensive applications. All resources belong to you - no sharing, no Cloud, no virtualization.

And no access for anyone else but you!

Identical data centers in Germany and Denmark

Top-notch redundancy. Needless to say more.

Your single-point Dashboard handles servers in both locations simultaneous.

Redundant environment

Our entire infrastructure such as power, carriers, core networks, UPS's and diesel generators across our DC's is fully redundant. 

See facility audits for detailed information.

Legal security

The Easyspeedy Group is structured in such a way that our German and Danish data centers are legally separated. With servers in both of our data centers an exit strategy becomes less important.

Availability zones

Make your server deployment more resilient.
Deploy your servers in different local or remote availability zones. Local zones for low latency and remote zones for geographic security.  

24/7 monitoring

We constantly strive to maintain a clean and powerful network and take any necessary measures to ensure this at any time.

100% data privacy

You are in full control over your infrastructure. We do not access or install any monitoring or management software on your servers.

Storage media are physically destroyed on premises at end of life.

DNS service

We provide professional DNS service with low TTL for fast change propagation. Manage reverse DNS for your assigned IP addresses as well.

Open to suggestions

It is simple - do you have a good idea or want us to implement a new feature?

Contact our engineers and talk to them.

KVM over IP without Java

All servers are pre-equipped with an independent out-of-band management controller that allows you to fully manage the server without having Java installed on your desktop.

Dashboard teams

You can manage access and user rights to an unlimited number of individuals. Secure your Dashboard logins with IP filters.

Private networks

We offer dedicated VLAN connection between servers located in the same Dashboard at 1, 10 and 40 Gbit/s connectivity.

 RAID wizards

Fast and easy GUI management and customization of Hardware and Software RAID via your Dashboard.

Native IPv6

Our Data Centers provide native IPv6 connectivity.

Customizable RAM

Need more memory? We can offer you up to a mind-blowing  3,072 GB RAM  

<strong>Customizable</strong> RAM
<strong>Customizable</strong> storage

Customizable storage

Mix HDDs and SSDs with internal and external connected storage. Up to 134 disks per server!

Customizable networks

WAN and LAN connections up to  40 Gbit/s
Private VLAN is available between all your servers!

<strong>Customizable </strong>networks