• Premium business hosting 

    SysAdmins and DevOps - you are in full control
    European data centers in Denmark and Germany

  • Bare-metal servers for professionals

    Automated infrastructure
    Tier 3+ data center 

Get only what
you really need

Premium services from just 209 € / month

Get only what<strong> <br/></strong>you <strong>really</strong> need

from XS

Premium bare-metal servers

Get a powerful single-tenant server with 32 GB RAM.

For just 209 € per month
No hidden fees, no extra costs. 

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Why we are different

Business customers only 

We target business customers running test, development and production environment. 

Short contracts - full flexibility - best cost control - no setup fees. 

You are not a number!

Personal support and advice from our experts. 

Benefit from our experience and know-how.

Combine freedom and services

Freedom for SysAdmins, DevOps

Design and run your own solution with customized servers, storage and network that meets your specific requirements.

Enjoy flawless services

Run your solution with confidence. We are ready to help -- if needed.

Optimize your environment 


Let us assist you designing the right fit for your highest levels of performance and uptime. 

Let's not forget the Hardware 

We don't cut corners. Our hardware is always server grade. 

  • Servers are purchased from the same manufacturer as Facebook and Microsoft Azure.
  • Our data centers are fully stocked with spare-parts for all server types.