15 years of experience

Hosting customers in over 80 countries

Reliability. Performance. Flexibility. 

That's what you get from our company

Satisfied customers stay for years

Offering solutions that measures and predict movements of people and vehicles at airports, train stations and more.

Customer since 2006

Offering SaaS solutions to generate rich, attractive and fully bespoke PDF documents at incredible speeds.

Customer since 2007

Offering SaaS solutions for large Enterprise fitness chains. 3M+ active members hosted.

Customer since 2006

Providing online database design and development and various back office services.

Customer since 2006

Technical mile-stones - in short

2016 - Availability Zones
Both our Data Centers have multiple Availability Zones. Place your resources in different Availability Zones to decrease latency or protect your resources within each Data Center.

2015 - KVMoIP WITHOUT Java
Eliminating well-known problems and security vulnerabilities is a mile-stone. It made us proud.

Creating hardware-RAID via drag and drop makes it much easier to get started.

Our new DNS hosting feature comes alive.

DDoS attacks are no longer subject to "heart attacks". Scrubbing, filtering malicious traffic before entering the EasySpeedy network is in place.

2014 - New German DC launch
Listening to our customers, we opened our new 2nd data center in Berlin, Germany. Redundancy is the key word.

Our German DC is identical to our Danish one.

Our single-point Dashboard handles servers at both locations.

2013 - QCT - new server brand
A new market unfolded - the niche we want to be part of. Advanced hosting solutions handling large Oracle databases, SAP solutions as well as VMWare and Linux based Private Cloud computing. 

2011 - 10Gbit on Private LAN

10 Gigabit connectivity between servers in Private LAN is default, and the professional multi-server hosting solutions was born.

2009 - Built-in KVM over IP
No need to contact us! Your server is already connected to your local monitor, mouse and keyboard 24/7. Just hit the KVM button in your Dashboard.

The option of having servers connected via Private LAN's across our data center is launched as well.

2008 - Moving to Scion-DTU

The Science Park of the Danish Technology University (Scion-DTU) acknowledged our forward thinking business concept and accepted our application. 

Moving in to this highly skilled technology environment we gain access to the finest brain-ware network in our country.

2005 - Multi-homed network
Due to increasing demand for our services, our backbone and network infrastructure needed a significant upgrade. Multi-carriers and Gigabit is added. 

2004 - The critical mass
We did it!

2001 - EasySpeedy was founded
A start-up offering dedicated server hosting coupled with a self-service Dashboard to professionals wanting full server control in all aspects. This is our business concept.

It took a little longer than expected to develop this concept given our ambitions and the available technology at that time...

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