Server Management Made Easy

Day-to-day management of servers can be a time consuming and difficult task. For years, we have been striving to offer as many tools as possible to make management of your servers easier for you. This is what EasySpeedy is all about.

Multiple European Data Centers

EasySpeedy operates data centers in both Denmark and Germany. This enables you to get the same server products and network topology in both data centers.

For 15 years satisfied customers from over 80 countries have chosen us as their business partner.

Solid Solution Platform

Whether you need one or multiple servers in your own Private LAN, we stand ready to back you up offering our expertise. We promote the highest quality of enterprise grade server hardware from Quanta. Unfamiliar with the name? Quanta is the manufacturer of Compaq, Dell, HP, Amazon, Cisco, Fujitsu, Lenovo, LG, Sharp, Siemens, Sony, Sun/Oracle, Toshiba and more.

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New Features on its Way

We are constantly adding new features to our offerings. Coming this year:

  • Dedicated Server REST API
  • Professional Backup Solution
  • Cloud Servers

Server Privacy

Enjoy our strong policy of allowing you to have full control over all your servers. EasySpeedy will under no circumstances access your data.

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Dedicated Servers

We provide fully self-managed dedicated server solutions of all sizes, from 1 to 4 CPU sockets with prices starting at
99 EUR/mo.

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Private Networks Included

Free Private LAN comes with all servers as default. This enables you to interconnect servers and control the data flow between them. You can also manage your switch ports on the switch connected to your servers.

Operating Systems

We do not have any restrictions on operating systems. You can install any Linux, BSD, Windows, Solaris or VMware. We provide 1-click installations of the most common Linux distributions, including pre-built application servers.

ISAE 3402 Certified

This certification is you guarantee that our data center is of the highest standard and the staff are doing there upmost to make the environment surrounding your server meet international standards. This certification is mandatory for public authorities and financial institusions.

Replacements in Stock

Enjoy peace of mind. We keep our own stock of fully configured servers and spare parts. That means we can immediately supply you with new servers and replacement parts, if necessary.

KVM over IP included

All servers are equipped with an independent out-of-band management controller. This allows you to manage the server even if the host hardware or operating system is unavailable.

100% Server Control

You are allowed to use your server as you want. No network restrictions such as port blockings or filtering applies.

Business Conditions

We have the simplest of conditions.
1 month contract which can be cancelled 1 day before renewal date.

Excellent Connectivity

Our full-mesh non-blocking core topology provides us with a true non-oversubscribed network and enables us to provide 1 and 10 Gbit/s server access ports!